Pollution is Mutating Your Sperm at an Alarming Rate

People living in areas with airborne toxins and pollution are likely to develop 60 percent more mutations in their sperm than people living in areas with relatively clean air. Sperm mutations could lead to infertility for the man, or might make his children suffer any number of birth defects. Will this quickly lead… » 2/06/08 7:30am 2/06/08 7:30am

Rubberized Gas Mask for Raccoons in Polluted Forests

As toxins invade environments where small animals dwell, and as those animals are bio-engineered to be smarter, you're going to see a booming market in safety gear for tiny creatures who want to stay pert for their Cute Overload closeup. I predict a run on artist Bill Burns' rubberized gas masks. They're made for any… » 1/04/08 4:33pm 1/04/08 4:33pm

Artic Ice Will Melt Entirely in Summer 2013

BBC News is reporting on a disturbing study presented this week at the American Geophysical Union meeting that shows the polar ice sheet is melting more quickly than anyone imagined. This past summer, the sheet retreated to a size of 4.13 million sq kilometers, the smallest in recorded history. You can see a flash… » 12/12/07 11:20am 12/12/07 11:20am

Freakishly Huge Algae Bloom in London

Massive algae blooms killed seals, birds and sea lions on the California coast earlier this yea because algae exudes a toxin called domoic acid. When these blooms got out of control, aquatic animals would ingest the toxin because the fish they eat had been nibbling on these super-blooms. But those algae blooms were… » 11/30/07 3:00pm 11/30/07 3:00pm