Climate Change Map Helps You Predict the Next Eco-Disaster

We know that as global temperatures rise, increased storms, heat waves, and flooding will batter the Earth. A new interactive map from the Center for American Progress demonstrates the toll climate change will take on human beings by displaying regions that are at particular risk for different types of ecological… »12/09/08 12:00pm12/09/08 12:00pm

Frog Deaths Are A Harbinger of "Sixth Mass Extinction" on Earth

Frogs and other amphibians lived through several mass extinctions on Earth over the past 250 million years, surviving the dinosaur wipeout and the most recent Ice Age. But now, say scientists this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, all that is changing. Amphibians are going extinct in such… »8/12/08 3:00pm8/12/08 3:00pm

Western U.S. Cooked by Climate Change Sooner than the Rest of the World

Over the past five years, the western United States endured temperature increases that caused droughts, deadly heat waves, mass death of trees, and insect infestations. Now a new report from the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization demonstrates why: the U.S. West has experienced an average temperature increase that is… »3/31/08 8:40am3/31/08 8:40am