10 Real Life "Memoirs" That Read Like Scifi and Fantasy Stories

There are people in the world with life-stories that defy human imagination and expand our idea of what the human experience is like. And there are some people whose stories cross out of reality and into what reads a lot like a science fiction or fantasy epic. Take a look at the most fantastical tales that people have … » 9/02/11 9:02am 9/02/11 9:02am

Make Your Epic Space Novel Live Up To Your "Elevator Pitch"

The best science-fiction novels boast panoramic world-building and complex ideas. But eventually, you must explain your grand design in a few sentences. This is what's called the "elevator pitch," and it's actually a helpful way of thinking about your novel. » 7/22/09 11:40am 7/22/09 11:40am