Are There Star Wars and Avengers Characters We Don't Know About Yet?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zack Snyder both add to Star Wars speculation, while Joss Whedon teases a character for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, details about the cast of characters populating American Horror Story: Freakshow. Get a look at concept art for Sleepy Hollow's villains. And USA picks up a show set in… » 7/29/14 6:00am 38 minutes ago

Abrams, Get This One-Man Star Wars Band In Episode VII, STAT

This Swedish street musician — named Anders Flanderz, I believe, if I'm interpreting the brief YouTube summary correctly — has just earned his way in my heart, and now he needs to be a part of Episode VII, too. Don't scoff! Tell me you wouldn't prefer him over an encore of "Jedi Rocks" from Joh Yowza. » 5/29/14 5:30pm 5/29/14 5:30pm

Star Wars EU in the Cinematic Universe: A Case for Twin Engines of…

One of the loudest and most raucous debates that goes on in Star Wars fandom is the merits of the Expanded Universe and whether it should be continued over into cinematic canon via Episode VII or not. Some fans want favorites like Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Jaina Solo to appear in the new movies, while… » 2/12/14 12:27pm 2/12/14 12:27pm