For the Most Enjoyable Weight Loss Ever, Head to the Equator

Ever wonder what the easiest way to lose weight is? Here's the one simple trick you need. Go to the equator. There, the planet is trying to throw you into space so much that you weigh less than you do anywhere else. » 4/15/14 11:20am 4/15/14 11:20am

Balloons over Antarctica aim to solve space radiation mystery

Earth is surrounded by two huge regions of charged particles like protons and electrons, and these areas are known as the Van Allen radiation belts. These belts can mysteriously change their intensity, posing a threat to astronauts and sensitive electronics. » 3/20/11 2:15pm 3/20/11 2:15pm

17th century priest discovered the Coriolis effect while trying to…

Even the fiercest opponents of science can sometimes make brilliant discoveries...just not quite in the way that they intended. Like Italian priest Giovanni Riccioli, who in his zeal to prove Copernicus wrong unintentionally discovered the Coriolis effect 200 years early. » 1/16/11 1:00pm 1/16/11 1:00pm