Watch David Lynch's amazingly creepy 1991 PSA about New York's rat infestation

Not all of David Lynch's commercials had the caffeinated zest of his Japanese Twin Peaks coffee ads. In 1991, he collaborated with Eraserhead's director of photography Frederick Elmes on this borderline apocalyptic anti-littering PSA for New York City. You can find much more of Lynch's curious commerical work at … »3/13/12 3:30pm3/13/12 3:30pm


What's the deal with David Lynch's unproduced science fiction screenplay Ronnie Rocket?

There are many bewildering enigmas in David Lynch's long career, but one of the most fascinating is his unproduced science fiction screenplay, Ronnie Rocket. Lynch fans have been obsessed with this project for years, even making their own posters and fan videos for it. But Lynch himself seems to be obsessed, too. He's… »1/04/12 11:00am1/04/12 11:00am

Watch Brad Pitt transform into David Lynch's Eraserhead

The New York Times transformed a crop of 2011 actors (who were heralded for playing nice characters) into classic movie villains, including Brad Pitt as Henry Spencer! Watch as America's Favorite Dad goes batshit insane as giant insects flap around in his frizzed hair. Technically, Pitt is channeling "The Madman"… »12/07/11 5:55pm12/07/11 5:55pm