Would you let your children watch a show that featured these horrifying…

Could this be the most horrific concept art ever created for a kiddie show? Artist Eric Canete developed these nightmarish visions for a new revival of the Cartoon Network series Ben 10, but he tweeted that they'll probably never be used "because it'll scare your childrens." No freaking kidding. » 1/04/12 4:00pm 1/04/12 4:00pm

Someone's already written a sequel to that hornball Catwoman comic

Catwoman's been in the news a lot recently, what with her new outfit and stupid, sexy rendezvous with Batman. The latter has already inspired a sequel by Aeon Flux and Justice League Unlimited illustrator Eric Canete, whose strip imagines Catwoman and Batman's metatextual pillow talk. The roundly reviled original… » 9/25/11 12:35pm 9/25/11 12:35pm