Fantasy authors Erin M. Evans and Troy Denning talk The Sundering

Epic fantasy novel series The Sundering features six authors, the return of numerous beloved characters, wars, gods, and cataclysmic events that will reshape the Forgotten Realms. We talked with two of those authors about finding their place within such a huge story, and what makes a character stick. » 8/29/13 8:00am 8/29/13 8:00am

What's Coming Next for Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms

Wizards of the Coast held an elaborate keynote address at games convention Gen Con this year to promote the big changes they have planned for Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Realms. An all-star line up of authors will be shaping the Realms, and everything old will be digital again while the public playtest… » 8/29/12 1:20pm 8/29/12 1:20pm