Your Summer Beach Reading List for 2012

Summer is almost here, and that means one thing: Escape! Everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, humans will be fleeing their buildings and shedding their protective outer garments, even as the sun grows hotter and more intense. But for some of us, simply fleeing to large bodies of water isn't enough — we need to… »4/25/12 7:11pm4/25/12 7:11pm

Read the first two chapters of Ernest Cline's new novel, Ready Player One

We're excited about Ernest Cline's first novel, Ready Player One, which is about a dystopian future where gamers fight to control the future of their virtual world, the OASIS. Will it fall into the hands of the IOI Corporation, which wants to make the OASIS pay-per-access and to prevent people from using anonymous… »8/16/11 5:54pm8/16/11 5:54pm

Ready Player One is a dystopian gamer novel that's as addictive as a great game

In the 2040s, energy resources and the economy in America have collapsed. The poor live in "stacks," vertical trailer parks outside cities where old mobile homes are piled on top of each other. A few lucky kids get to attend school online, in a virtual world called the OASIS that has replaced the Web with an… »8/11/11 6:07pm8/11/11 6:07pm