The Most Unearthly Alien Teens Who Ran Away To Earth

Puberty can just about the most difficult time in a young person's life, but imagine going through it hundreds of light-years away from home. That's the situation faced by countless aliens, from a young Superman to the title character in this week's I Am Number Four, and take it from us - nine times out of ten, it… » 2/17/11 1:22pm 2/17/11 1:22pm

Kim Richards Takes Us Back To Witch Mountain

We caught up with Escape From Witch Mountain star Kim Richards, the first of the creepy Disney aliens we all had a crushes on. So can these new alien babes live up to her standards? » 3/12/09 4:11pm 3/12/09 4:11pm

The Creepy Witch Mountain Kids And Their Spooky Puppets Are Back

Today marks the re-release of Disney's epic about alien kids with the amazing ability to scar my childhood, using only harmonicas and dancing marionettes. We journey back to Witch Mountain with clips and DVD details. » 3/10/09 12:59pm 3/10/09 12:59pm

Feast Your Eyes On The Mountain Everyone Is Running To

The website for Race to Witch Mountain » 7/31/08 9:20am 7/31/08 9:20am is up, debuting one hefty rock for alien kids to journey to. Disney promises creepy alien kids, terrible harmonica playing and one giant . I hope in this Disney film (based on the original , the alien children everyone is so keen to protect go on everyone. []

io9 Grills The Rock About Aliens

The Rock is starring in the new Race to Witch Mountain movie (an update of the Escape to Witch Mountain movies) — and he believes, or wants to believe, in aliens. You be the judge. At the Race To Witch Mountain press line, we grilled cast members about the existence of aliens. The lovely Carla Gugino walked away from… » 7/24/08 4:08pm 7/24/08 4:08pm

Child Actors Never Escaped From Witch Mountain

Succumbing to the Richard Hatch effect, the original child actors from the 1970s science fiction flick Escape to Witch Mountain are set to appear in the Disney remake Race to Witch Mountain, which stars The Rock. Ike Eisenmann is cast as the town sheriff and Kim Richards will play a waitress at a diner. No word yet if… » 4/30/08 10:21am 4/30/08 10:21am