The 10 Greatest Eternally Young Heroes (Who Aren't Vampires)

Everywhere you look nowadays, there are young, fresh-faced vampires. But they're not the only heroes out there who stay eternally young. Some of our favorite science-fiction heroes are blessed (cursed?) with Alphaville's reward. Here are the 10 greatest forever-young heroes. » 8/04/09 4:41pm 8/04/09 4:41pm

A Facelift Pill That Makes 80-Year-Olds Look 20

It may be a long time before humans can extend their lifespans to hundreds of years, but the technology to make humans look sixty years younger than their actual age is right around the corner. A group of scientists at the University of Michigan have done an exhaustive study of what gives people the appearance of age… » 5/28/08 3:30pm 5/28/08 3:30pm