Holy Droids, We Need This Adorable R2-D2 Handbag

Etsy, the site chock-filled with wonderful and useful and cool things you never knew you needed (but now know you really do need), has done it again. Witness this incredible bag, crafted of felt in the very image of R2-D2. Well-done, artisans of Moscow-based Krukrustudio. » 2/06/15 9:45am 2/06/15 9:45am

Your Guide to Dressing Like an Outlander Character

If you've been watching Outlander, you've probably found yourself thinking: Goddamn, I could use some knitwear. And a tweed skirt. And a plaid sweater. And maybe some really sturdy leather shoes? And so I have assembled this shopping guide, as a public service. » 9/27/14 2:15pm 9/27/14 2:15pm

No Cat Is Complete Without A Set Of Leather Battle Armor

Of course your cat just lays about the house sleeping, eating and pooping all day — it doesn't have proper protection. Unlock your cat's full potential with a suit of hand-crafted leather body armor. » 1/09/14 11:30am 1/09/14 11:30am

Crocheted Bane face mask keeps you warm while you're terrorizing Gotham

We can't promise that this crocheted face mask by Etsy seller Rose Pope will make you any easier to understand than Bane was in The Dark Knight Rises, but it certainly looks a good deal more comfortable to wear. Pope is selling these masks for £60, but due to high demand, there's a waiting list for this cold-weather… » 3/09/13 11:00am 3/09/13 11:00am

Worf hoodie lets you pull Klingon ridges over your forehead

Etsy seller EwoksInTutus has designed a Worf-inspired hooded sweatshirt that makes use of more than his warrior's sash. If you pull up the hood, you get a nice bit of lazy cosplay in the form of his Klingon forehead ridges. Now we need a Deep Space Nine version, too. » 2/17/13 10:00am 2/17/13 10:00am

Famous Starships Made Out of Old Computer Parts

Etsy member Shankalonian has constructed some pretty beautiful versions of famous spacecraft, out of old salvaged computer parts. Like this version of the U.S.S. Kelvin from Star Trek, made out out of "an ancient hard drive motor, hard drive reader arms, mother board capacitors, [and] a Toyota Corolla spark plug." » 12/10/12 2:38pm 12/10/12 2:38pm

The Best Gifts for Action Figure Addicts and Collectors of Collectibles

Buying gifts for toy collectors is always hard. Even if you can decipher what they want - never easy when the tiniest of variations can turn one toy into trash, and another into treasure - their choices are sometimes impossible to find. Still, there is hope! Here are 20 toys that will make awesome gifts for the… » 11/21/12 1:30pm 11/21/12 1:30pm

The very best fancy eyeball jewelry for a macabre night out

Nothing says "I'm glamorous and spooky" like a beautiful eyeball pendant worn on a chain around your neck. We've combed through Etsy for some of the most striking (and occasionally goofy) eyeball jewelry for your everyday mystical moments — or for that special Halloween party night. » 10/16/12 10:05am 10/16/12 10:05am

From From From …

Good to know: Etsy retailers can sell human teeth, but not bones

Oh, Etsy, you wonderfully weird online bazaar. One can find almost anything beneath your digital marquee — from made-to-order Jayne Cobb beanies to dog toys in the shape of a penis, to bar soap carved in the likeness of a baby's face — but there's one thing you won't find for sale at Etsy: human bones. » 8/13/12 6:50am 8/13/12 6:50am

Age your booze for 75 million years in this Velociraptor claw flask

Perfect for hiding your whisky on a paleontology dig or if you just like reciting lines from Jurassic Park while tailgating, this porcelain flask is shaped like a single Velociraptor claw. Just remember to cork it before pretending to slice your friends' bellies open, or risk spilling booze instead of blood. » 6/16/12 3:30pm 6/16/12 3:30pm

For $3000, you too can live in a Hobbit hole

If your dreams of squatting in the Shire were dashed after the sheep moved in and filming for The Hobbit began, here's something to assuage your pain. An Etsy seller has built a series of Bag End children's playhouses priced at the cost of a few months' rent, and they're big enough to fit a Rider of Rohan or two.… » 3/15/12 7:40am 3/15/12 7:40am

Two New Laws of Robotics: Achieve maximum cuteness, and support worthy…

This cute little art robot could be the best friend you ever have — and by purchasing it, you could be helping kids to learn creative writing. » 7/20/11 12:30pm 7/20/11 12:30pm

NASA picks the awesomest DIY space art from Etsy

The results of the "space craft" contest sponsored by NASA and Etsy are in, and the finalists include some of the coolest home-made space art we've ever seen. Here are some of our favorites. » 3/22/11 1:40pm 3/22/11 1:40pm

Learn how to pilot an Apollo moon lander by looking at your necktie

If you're ever stuck flying an Apollo Program module, you'd better hope you're wearing this necktie, which is silk-screened with schematics from NASA's newly declassified Apollo Operations Handbook. It's just one entrant in NASA's new contest, in partnership with Etsy.com. » 10/15/10 11:30am 10/15/10 11:30am

Etsy's new "Space Station Conference Room," decorated using Etsy's own…

Proof that Etsy's crafty users can do anything they set their minds to: The company's New York headquarters got a makeover for its conference room, turning it into a room on a space station. And check out Etsy's supervillain lair! » 8/09/10 9:30am 8/09/10 9:30am

Timekeeping, The Final Frontier

It's incredibly simple, and yet still kind of wonderful. It's a handmade working Star Trek clock from Etsy seller YOUgNeek, and I have to admit that I kind of want one right now. » 5/03/09 9:00am 5/03/09 9:00am

The Subtle Way Of Asking To Be Left Alone While Traveling

Tired of being disturbed during erotic dreams of Saul and/or Ellen Tigh during those long overnight flights? Time to subtly tell those around you to leave you alone with this special eye quilt from Etsy. » 2/22/09 11:00am 2/22/09 11:00am

Spartacus Is The Final Cylon

Confuse and confound your Battlestar Galactica loving friends with this pendant from Etsy's ursulaandolive, announcing that you - yes, you - are the show's Final Cylon, thereby spoiling your hitherto-unexpected guestspot on the series' final episodes... and explaining that Canadian "vacation" earlier this year. I'm… » 12/07/08 11:00am 12/07/08 11:00am