Why the shape of the Americas was bad for human settlement

There's still a lot we don't know about the first human colonization of the Americas, particularly the exact timing, but we do know that it took tens of thousands of years for humans to make it from Alaska to Chile. » 9/21/11 9:49am 9/21/11 9:49am

Our most ancient hominoid ancestors first left Africa 17 million years…

When modern humans left Africa roughly 100 thousand years ago, it was only the last of several waves of hominoid migration that had previously included the likes of Neanderthals and Homo Erectus. Now a tooth in Germany reveals the original hominoid migration. » 6/22/11 12:21pm 6/22/11 12:21pm

We may have discovered humanity's parent species

We can trace our evolutionary heritage back millions of years, but it's surprisingly tricky to say with certainty which hominid species came directly before us. Now it looks like one of our evolutionary cousins is actually our parent species. » 5/05/11 1:24pm 5/05/11 1:24pm