The 12 Plot Ideas That Every Single Classic TV Show Did To Death

Making a TV show is a terrible grind — especially back in the day, when shows were entirely made up of standalone episodes. So it's no wonder that so many classic shows reached for the same handful of plots, over and over. Here are 12 storylines you'll find in every old science fiction and fantasy show. » 3/27/15 1:46pm Friday 1:46pm

How Did Edgar Allan Poe Manage To Describe The Big Bang In 1848?

They mocked when Edgar Allan Poe published his prose poem "Eureka" in his last year of life, describing how the universe had begun with a single "primordial particle" that exploded outwards in "one instantaneous flash." But 80 years later, cosmologists started realizing that Poe had been on to something. » 1/28/15 7:00pm 1/28/15 7:00pm

The Whole Crazy Process Of Creating A TV Show, From Pitch To Pilot

Right now, it's pilot season — which means you're going to be hearing about a lot of TV shows getting ordered. And then, nine months from now... most of those shows will not be on television. What is this mysterious crucible? Here's our step-by-step guide to the process of pitching a brand new television show. » 1/23/15 11:00am 1/23/15 11:00am

Alternate Supernatural Eureka

Since the mention of Sheriff Carter's actor Colin Ferguson dealing with vampires, the idea of an alternate Eureka where the supernatural instead of super science was the norm has been stuck in my head. So here are my ideas for Spooooky Eureka. » 10/18/14 11:14am 10/18/14 11:14am

A Map That Reveals the Most Popular TV Show Set in Your Home State

No matter what state in the U.S. you live in, a popular TV show has taken place there. But what's the absolute most popular show of all time to be set in your state? Business Insider has you covered. » 12/24/13 7:20am 12/24/13 7:20am

Eureka's Amy Berg introduces Caper, a show about superheroes gone rogue

Amy Berg wrote some of our favorite episodes of Eureka, Leverage and Person of Interest — and now she's creating a new digital series about superheroes who turn to crime, called Caper. She told us why superheroes would want to steal, and how to portray supers on a Youtube budget. » 12/06/13 10:04am 12/06/13 10:04am

Ask the science advisor of Gravity, Kevin Grazier, anything you want!

There have been a lot of questions about the scientific plausibility of Alfonso Cuaron's hit movie Gravity — so we've asked the film's science advisor, Kevin Grazier, to come in and answer your questions. Grazier has also worked on Battlestar Galactica, Eureka and Defiance. » 10/14/13 12:05pm 10/14/13 12:05pm

The 12 Best Cops of Science Fiction

They are the peacekeepers. They uphold the law. They protect us from those who would do us harm. And they do it all with nothing more than a badge… and a robot… or perhaps a spaceship… or maybe even superpowers. These are the dozen best fictional police officers in the universe, and we appreciate them for their… » 10/08/13 10:15am 10/08/13 10:15am

Eureka's Colin Ferguson: It's the "End of an Era" at Syfy

Not too long ago, Eureka and Warehouse 13 were Syfy's flagship shows: light, family-friendly action comedies about smart, nice people who worked together to solve problems. Now Eureka is gone and Warehouse 13 is ending soon. We talked to Eureka's Colin Ferguson about the "end of an era." » 7/29/13 4:30pm 7/29/13 4:30pm

The Troubles have just begun according to the Haven season 4 trailer

Haven season 3 ended on a hell of a cliffhanger, as Audrey sacrificed herself and vanished. As this exclusive season 4 preview reveals, the town still has troubles and Troubles — the supernatural afflictions that affect the townspeople — while Audrey is back, but apparently no longer Audrey. » 7/19/13 4:00pm 7/19/13 4:00pm

Independence Days from across the Multiverse

Where there's society, there's a foundation story. And where there's government, there's a holiday to instill patriotism and pride. So here are the ways fiction has commemorated independence from an oppressor, the end of a civil war, or just the day certain documents were signed and the current government came into… » 7/04/13 1:00pm 7/04/13 1:00pm

This episode of Warehouse 13 felt like Eureka... only a shade darker

Remember Eureka? Syfy's other goofy show about quirky people who solve wacky problems, with a large dose of good humor? Eureka used to be known for its endless genre pastiches — and now, Warehouse 13 is doing them too. Except with a huge dose of metafiction, and a kernel of emotional pain. It works way better this way. » 5/14/13 2:30pm 5/14/13 2:30pm

Why doesn't Syfy have a show like Battlestar Galactica any more?

Last week, the first two episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome went online, and we all remembered our love affair with BSG. This show was thought-provoking, powerful, and obsessively mysterious. And we can't help wondering: Why hasn't Syfy had a show like that since? » 11/12/12 2:47pm 11/12/12 2:47pm

Eureka comes to a fitting, emotional conclusion

Yesterday, Eureka brought its five-season journey to a close. The finale gave us callbacks and cameos galore, happy endings for all the townspeople, and one last chance for Sheriff Carter to be the big dumb hero. Basically, it was perfect. » 7/17/12 11:48am 7/17/12 11:48am

This Week's TV: The best new British show in years, Misfits, is finally…

This week, we bid a sad farewell to Eureka — but the good news is, one of the greatest British shows in forever is finally on our screens. And if you haven't become obsessed with Misfits yet, you should get ready to clear your Thursday evenings. There's also a detailed look at the history of the Batmobile, just in… » 7/16/12 9:00am 7/16/12 9:00am

How Actual Science Can Make Science Fiction Stories Cooler

How do the minds behind Battlestar Galactica, Prometheus, X-Men: First Class, and Torchwood go about juggling science fact and science fiction, to tell a believable story? Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday to discuss this issue, along with the making and breaking canon in… » 7/13/12 8:40am 7/13/12 8:40am

Secrets of Catwoman's Costume Revealed! Plus Tons of Intriguing Details…

A new Pacific Rim photo shows off the movie's monster-fighting stars. We know the identity of Ghostbusters 3's new writer. There's some footage from Eureka's upcoming series finale. Stretch Armstrong is still happening, apparently. And a Game of Thrones star heads to Haven! » 7/11/12 6:00am 7/11/12 6:00am

On Eureka, the heroes make the best possible villains

Yesterday's Eureka found Allison, Fargo, and Zane as the only ones left to stop a complete takeover by bio-printed replicants. The episode taught one very clear, terrifying lesson — you do not want to mess with evil clone Sheriff Carter. » 7/10/12 12:04pm 7/10/12 12:04pm

This Week's TV: The Best New Cartoon You're Not Watching!

This week on television, Breaking Bad returns for its final season. Syfy does an original movie about vampires and humans teaming up to fight super-vampires... and it's called True Bloodthirst! But also, there's another episode of the best new cartoon series on TV right now. Also, check out new sneak peeks of Eureka,… » 7/09/12 9:00am 7/09/12 9:00am

Will the Amazing Spider-Man someday face off against the Sinister Six?…

Hugo Weaving reveals secrets of Cloud Atlas. The Dark Knight Rises has an official running time — and it's epic. Chris Pine and Alex Kurtzman reveal what to expect from the Star Trek sequel. Plus a Catching Fire casting update! » 7/04/12 6:00am 7/04/12 6:00am