Evangelion 3.33 changes everything you think you know about Evangelion

If you've watched the first two movies in Gainax's movie retelling of their hit anime Evangelion, then you know the first movie was pretty much a straight-forward recap of the TV series' first episodes. The second movie added new characters and new angels to fight, taking the story into new territory (our review is… »1/10/14 4:20pm1/10/14 4:20pm


Watch the unbelievable first 6 minutes of Evangelion 3.0, starring Space Pirate Asuka

I personally prefer the original Evangelion TV series, warts and all, over the old Eva movies or even the new movie series. But I'll tell you one thing the new movies have that the original TV series doesn't: Pirate Asuka fighting an Angel in space. You can watch the first six-plus minutes of Gainax's newest… »2/21/13 11:40am2/21/13 11:40am