A Ripper Letter (And More!) From Scotland Yard's Secret Crime Museum

Founded in 1875, Scotland Yard’s Crime Museum (or “Black Museum”) is a trove of objects from notorious cases. It’s used like a reference library, open only to law enforcement and invited guests. But Oct. 9, the Museum of London opens “The Crime Museum Uncovered,” displaying evidence from unforgettable crimes. »6/04/15 5:00pm6/04/15 5:00pm

The Next Crop of Found Footage Movies That Will Scare You Silly

Now that Paranormal Activity 3 has broken box office records for October, Hollywood is green-lighting any thriller you can shake a handheld camera at. The "found footage" horror movie is set to have a new lease on life, with a pipeline full of jump scares. Here are the next crop of "found footage" flicks you should… »11/07/11 4:56pm11/07/11 4:56pm