This paper on men falling asleep after sex is Exhibit A for weak evolutionary psychology

A new study purports to use evolutionary psychology to explain why men fall asleep after sex, and what it actually means. The study is being widely reported as proving that men only fall asleep after sex to avoid giving affection or commitment to their female partners. Or maybe it proves that men who fall asleep after… »1/23/12 7:09pm1/23/12 7:09pm

Why you shouldn't challenge a breast-feeding mom to play Call of Duty

When you happen upon a couple of bear cubs in the woods, what's the first thing that should come to mind? If you answered "I wanna squeeze 'em," you're wrong. It should be "where's the mom?" And with good reason. Numerous non-human mammals are known to exhibit heightened levels of aggression in defense of their young. »8/30/11 8:20pm8/30/11 8:20pm