A Knight Needs Some Erotic Incentive To Pull Excalibur From Its Stone

When a young knight, traveling with his lady love, comes across Excalibur trapped in a stone, he tries his best to free the sword. But it may take more than strength, nobility, or destiny to lift the sword; it may take a fire in his loins. » 9/10/14 11:30am 9/10/14 11:30am

20 Science Fiction Moments That Will Make Absolutely Anyone Cry

Yes, we don't care who you are. If you're not completely dead inside, like some freeze-dried husk, then there are certain moments from science fiction and fantasy that will make you break down. Here are 20 of the most tear-jerking moments from science fiction and fantasy stories. (Update: Added 5 more!) » 8/07/13 10:00am 8/07/13 10:00am

11 X-Men Movie Spinoffs We'd Like to See

This weekend, Wolverine slashes his way into movie theaters. But he's not the only X-Men character who deserves a separate movie. In fact, at Comic Con, Bryan Singer suggested the X-Men universe could spawn as many movie franchises as the rest of the Marvel universe. Here are 11 X-Men spin-offs that would make awesome… » 7/23/13 10:00am 7/23/13 10:00am

What's the coolest sword in the entire universe?

Anyone can wave around a phaser or a blaster — but a sword is a truly elegant weapon, a product of a more civilized age when you had to slice someone to pieces at close quarters. But what's the coolest fictional sword of all time? » 7/02/13 2:51pm 7/02/13 2:51pm

The Lost Sword-And-Sorcery Classic From the Art Director of Star Wars

If you saw Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the theater in Europe or Australia, you may also have seen a short film called Black Angel. This ground-breaking 20 minute sword-and-sorcery film was directed by Star Wars art director Roger Christian, and it influenced the look and feel of 1980s fantasy films like … » 12/29/12 5:00pm 12/29/12 5:00pm

Two Haikus For A Blind Ninja Lawyer

That's not Ben Affleck / Just some nice Daredevil art / On the stands Wednesday. What else awaits you? / Barry Allen and HulkPool / It's Comics We Crave. » 4/13/10 9:00am 4/13/10 9:00am

There's Nothing Like Sex With Your Armor On [NSFW]

The 1980s flick Excalibur, directed by John Boorman, is quite possibly one of the best fantasy movies of all time, thanks largely to scenes like these - full of Merlin's perverse humor and graphic depictions of human carnality and violence. » 12/30/09 8:42pm 12/30/09 8:42pm

Air Force Plans Fully Armed, Fully Autonomous Robot Plane

It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. And, also, the U.S. Air Force is thinking of building a few of them - unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability, armed… » 9/23/08 8:00am 9/23/08 8:00am