How A 1980s Walkman Changed Guardians of the Galaxy Completely

The most important game-changing character in Guardians of the Galaxy isn't Peter Quill, and it isn't Rocket Raccoon. It's a 1980s Walkman. Find out for yourself how this obsolete gadget is the heart of the movie. Spoilers ahead... » 7/30/14 12:38pm 7/30/14 12:38pm

Lost's Rebecca Mader explains what happened to Charlotte and Daniel…

In our exclusive interview with No Ordinary Family newcomer Rebecca Mader, we found out a bit more on the new Global Tech employee. And also probed her thoughts on what happened to Lost's Daniel and Charlotte after the big finale. » 1/07/11 10:38am 1/07/11 10:38am

Ron Perlman Reveals What's Next For Hellboy And A New HP Lovecraft Movie

Ron Perlman plays Nic Cage's right-hand swordsman in Season of The Witch. Perlman told us what it was like filming with Christopher Lee, and laid out plans for At the Mountains of Madness and Hellboy 3. » 1/05/11 2:05pm 1/05/11 2:05pm

The astrophysicist who discovered Zarmina describes life on "second…

Steve Vogt is the UC Santa Cruz astrophysicist who discovered Zarmina, the first recorded Earthlike planet outside our solar system. He told io9 what a human colony there would be like, and why he believes the planet already harbors life. » 10/01/10 1:36pm 10/01/10 1:36pm

William Gibson reveals a "secret experiment" in his Bridge Trilogy, and…

Yesterday I sat down with William Gibson to talk about his new novel, Zero History. We talked about his fascination with fashion, the military, and stories about the present. He also revealed a secret about his Bridge Trilogy. » 9/10/10 5:54pm 9/10/10 5:54pm

Grant Morrison Tells All About Batman and Robin

With the second issue of DC Comics' Batman and Robin released today, we asked writer Grant Morrison why we need a new Batman, how sane Bruce Wayne really was, and whether Batman is actually sci-fi or not after all. » 7/01/09 9:00am 7/01/09 9:00am

Geoff Johns Talks Flash: Rebirth

For fans of DC Comics, this week's Flash: Rebirth marked a milestone: The return of the publisher's own Christ figure, Barry Allen. We talked to writer Geoff Johns about resurrecting such a beloved character. » 4/05/09 12:00pm 4/05/09 12:00pm

Repo's Graverobber Talks To io9 About Opera, Horror And Porn

As the skulking Graverobber in the modern camp sensation that is Repo! The Genetic Opera » 11/08/08 11:00am 11/08/08 11:00am, he drew Alexa Vega to the dark side and gave Paris Hilton her neon painkilling fix. And it turns out he wrote half the thing as well. In our chat with Terrance Zdunich, he took us through the decade-long zigzag that is the…

Lonelygirl's Resistance Isn't Futile, Explains LG15's Fialkov

If you thought that lonelygirl15 » 9/27/08 12:00pm 9/27/08 12:00pm was just about one girl boring MySpace to death about her so-called life, then think again; the insanely-popular webseries was just the start of a science fiction franchise about hidden genetic codes to eternal life. It already spawned a British spin-off, . This month saw the launch of…

Mark Millar on Sarah Palin: “Terrifying”

Comics creator Mark Millar, writer on Wanted » 9/23/08 2:00pm 9/23/08 2:00pm and s, is Hollywood's newly-minted golden child of all stories violent. In his latest mini-series for Image Comics, , Millar-a Scot and self-professed liberal-has created quite the stir by anointing John McCain as the fictional president-elect of the U.S. who ups the…