Your First Glimpse At The Doctor And Martha Together Again

Before the tenth Doctor said goodbye to his companions one final time, he had a final adventure with Martha Jones, and it's one that new Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat would be proud of. Click through for a preview. » 3/15/10 10:00am 3/15/10 10:00am

GI Joe's New Villain Cries Crocodile Tears

Cobra Commander isn't the only familiar face appearing for the first time in IDW's new Cobra series; the more obscure (and more awesome) Croc Master is making his debut, as well. Click through to see the weirdness in action. » 1/24/10 3:00pm 1/24/10 3:00pm

Whedon Vs. Shelley: Now It Can Be Told!

How better to count down the days to Hallowe'en than by giving you a showdown between a classic horror icon and hero of more recent vintage? What you need may be Angel Vs. Frankenstein. Click through for an exclusive preview. » 10/19/09 10:30am 10/19/09 10:30am

Your Sneak Peek At Life Undead's Zombie Crimefighting

What happens when voodoo resurrects a cop killed before his time? Lost writer Paul Zbyszewski offers an answer (and a new take on zombies, along the "thoughtful, vengeful" lines) in his debut comic, Life Undead. Click through for a preview. » 10/13/09 4:30pm 10/13/09 4:30pm

Transform Into Preview Of Fallen Comic Sequel

The second issue of IDW's continuation of this summer's Transformers Bayhem, Tales Of The Fallen, is released tomorrow, showcasing Sideswipe, as the Decepticons continue to cause trouble for our giant robot friends. Here's a sneak peak at what to expect. » 9/09/09 10:30am 9/09/09 10:30am

And You Thought Your Family Reunions Were Bad

Self-mutilated gender-confused antagonists who happen to be related to perverse double-jointed supervillains? It can only be Gail Simone's morally dubious DC Comics series Secret Six. Click through for a preview of this week's issue. » 2/02/09 12:15pm 2/02/09 12:15pm

How To Prepare For Death, Amazon Style

What does an Amazon warrior do before facing certain death? Get some love action and team up with giant talking gorillas, if these preview pages from this week's Wonder Woman is anything to go by. » 1/26/09 10:35am 1/26/09 10:35am