Natural History Museum Stuffs Animals for Climate Change

How can the American Museum of Natural History convey the looming threat of climate change with its new exhibition on the subject? By using the hard-hitting power of dioramas for all they're worth. This stuffed tableau of a polar bear walking through some trash is the museum version of the Communist Manifesto or the… » 10/20/08 8:00am 10/20/08 8:00am

Murakami's Freaky, Posthuman Technicolor Visions Coming to New York

If you've been wondering what might happen if you dropped two hits of acid and then wandered into an anime shop, you'll want to check out Takashi Murakami. Yesterday we caught the last day of the months-long © Murakami exhibit at the MOCA in downtown Los Angeles, and saw the bizarre cute/scary creatures in… » 2/12/08 1:30pm 2/12/08 1:30pm

Teaching Asian Schoolchildren How to Talk to Aliens

A traveling alien exhibit makes its way to the Miraikan, a science museum in Tokyo, in March. It may not be first time that the children of Asia will get to interact with extraterrestrial life, but it's probably the first time they've done it in a museum. The best part? The exhibition teaches kids that aliens exist… » 1/31/08 8:20am 1/31/08 8:20am