Avatar Exhibition Will Tour The World To Remind You Avatar 2 Is A Thing

Cast your minds back to the heady days of 2009 — and to the days when Avatar, for better or worse, was the only movie people would talk about. Six years on, a new exhibition celebrating Pandora will travel the globe, a less than subtle reminder that James Cameron still wants to make another one of these movies.
»4/23/15 7:31pm4/23/15 7:31pm


New ‘Superhuman’ exhibit chronicles the history of human enhancement — from toes to dildos

Humans have tried to augment their capacities since the beginning of time. In many respects, the desire to overcome biological limitations is an indelible part of our species. Now, in an effort to chronicle these efforts, a new gallery has opened up in London which tracks human enhancement throughout the ages, from… »7/19/12 2:31pm7/19/12 2:31pm