The Ultimate Guide to this Summer's Geekiest Art and Science Exhibits

Summer is the season for conventions and blockbuster movies, a time to look forward to great new TV and innovative comics. It's also a great time to pop your head into a gallery or museum and see the latest and greatest in art, history, design—and how science relates to them all. Here are some of the geeky exhibits… »4/28/13 10:00am4/28/13 10:00am

When they're off duty, these natural history museum exhibits find themselves in strange and hilarious positions

Photographer Klaus Pichler gained access behind the scenes of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna and captured the exhibits while they aren't on display. What he found were striking and often amusing views of sharks out of water, unexpected collections of cobras, and prehistoric humans stored alongside classical… »2/03/13 10:30am2/03/13 10:30am

Paris exhibit reveals the unspeakable horrors of the Human Zoo

In 1906 a Congolese Mbuti pygmy named Ota Benga was caged and put on display at the monkey house in New York's Bronx zoo to demonstrate "human evolution." In the 1840s, a boy with a small skull was sold to P.T. Barnum. There, he would be called Zip and made to wear a fur suit and scream at the audience in a show… »12/01/11 4:23pm12/01/11 4:23pm