Getting a Spinal Implant in a Gas Station Just to Play a Videogame

The movie eXistenZ is many things: a commentary on videogame madness, a chance to see Jennifer Jason Leigh caress a nipple-covered biological game controller, and a seriously weird "what is real" tale that doesn't always work. It's one of David "The Fly" Cronenberg's lesser films for a good reason. And yet there are… »4/11/08 10:16pm4/11/08 10:16pm

Eight of the Oddest Inspirations for the Coolest Science Fiction Machines

Some of the most awesome science fiction machines ever conceived for film, like the turbo-tank AT-ATs from Empire Strikes Back, were inspired by things the concept designers saw every day. You may already know that George Lucas was allegedly inspired to create the AT-ATs by these cargo lifters at the Port of Oakland »3/13/08 3:41pm3/13/08 3:41pm