Exorcism, Male Power, and the Murder of E'Dena Hines

A young woman lies on the floor of a candlelit room, screaming and sobbing. Surrounding her in a circle, are other members of her community, her pastor, a few of her friends, girls from her Sunday school choir. They begin chanting and praying, banging on the walls of the building. A teacher from her school approaches… »8/18/15 11:01am8/18/15 11:01am

The 16th century exorcism that became political propaganda

In 1565, a teenager named Nicole Aubrey began to suffer horrific physical pain, speak in a gravelly voice, and refuse food. Several priests tried to exorcize her, to no avail. Soon, she became so famous that she was given a daily public exorcism, in front of the massive Laon Cathedral, where her "devil" delivered… »9/23/13 12:40pm9/23/13 12:40pm

First trailer for The Last Exorcism: Part II picks up right where we left off

We seriously enjoyed the horror movie The Last Exorcism. The success of that flick has inspired a seque, but we're not sure how we feel about that. The sequel ditches the found footage format and picks up with Nell right after her last possession. With everyone in her family dead and little memory of the last movie,… »1/09/13 11:20am1/09/13 11:20am