The U.S. Army is now testing its lightweight warfighter exosuit. The assistive devices could significantly reduce soldiers' risk to injury and improve battlefield performance. The exosuit, which can cut a wearer's exertion level by 25% when carrying a 100 pound load, could be ready as early as 2016. » 12/03/14 7:00pm 12/03/14 7:00pm

Awesome Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton Lifts 170 Pounds Like Nothing

YouTuber The Hacksmith has been working on his Elysium-inspired exoskeleton for a long time. Now it's finally paid off: The pneumatic-powered cyborg arms let him curl more than 170 pounds like it's an empty pillow sack, complete with exactly the sort of robotic sounds you'd expect. » 8/30/14 6:13pm 8/30/14 6:13pm

Mind-controlled Exoskeleton Opens World Cup, But You'd Never Know

Talk about dropping the ball. Earlier today, Juliano Pinto — a 29 year-old paraplegic — successfully kicked off the 2014 FIFA World Cup by using a mind-controlled exoskeleton. But sadly, most TV networks failed to show it. » 6/12/14 4:40pm 6/12/14 4:40pm

This 18-year-old invented an exoskeleton glove for the disabled

Teen inventor Charalampos Ioannou from Greece has developed an exoskeleton glove that helps disabled users pick up everyday objects. The achievement earned him one of 15 spots on the International Google Science Fair competition. » 9/18/13 11:40am 9/18/13 11:40am

Mind-controlled robot suit could help Japanese emergency crews with…

Earlier today, Japanese researchers unveiled the latest incarnation of HAL, the Hybrid Assistive Limb. What makes this version of the suit particularly unique is that it is equipped with a network of sensors that monitor the electric signals coming from the wearer's brain, allowing them to seamlessly control the… » 10/18/12 2:44pm 10/18/12 2:44pm

And now, a Japanese pop idol cosplaying as a swarm of cicadas

Have you ever wished to dress as an etymologically (and entomologically) incorrect Biblical plague? Well, Japanese idol, blogger, and cosplayer Shoko "Shokotan" Nakagawa — who considers herself a molted carapace connoisseurrecently revealed her ambitious cicada shell facial fashion. This particular look blends just… » 8/15/12 7:15am 8/15/12 7:15am

The perfect mecha for fighting aliens, monsters, or parents

If only the guys in Super 8 had had this rig! As this demo clearly demonstrates, a robotic exoskeleton is exactly what every kid needs and wants. » 6/10/11 8:58pm 6/10/11 8:58pm

Cybernetic exoskeleton creator flaunts this season's latest models

Remember Cyberdyne's HAL exoskeleton that allows you to control a pair of robotic legs with your mind? Cyberdyne recently showcased several of these models in motion. Someday you too can sport a pair of cherry red super-calves. » 3/16/11 2:21pm 3/16/11 2:21pm

Watch Iron Man 2's Agent Coulson test out a real-life exoskeleton

Clark Gregg may not have have worn the suit in Iron Man 2, but in this video Gregg tries on Raytheon's XOS 2 exoskeleton — it's more or less a battlefield version of Ripley's power loader. » 9/28/10 11:22am 9/28/10 11:22am

The post-apocalyptic junkbots of BLANKS

Tyler Jackson's BLANKS series of robotic exoskeletons come from desolate future filled with ruin and scavengers. That's an appropriate back-story given that Jackson sculpted these mecha out of found materials. Reuse, reduce, recycle, and annihilate. [Randommization] » 7/07/10 2:30pm 7/07/10 2:30pm

Military Exo-Suits Are On the Way

U.S. military troops won't have to wait decades for useful exoskeleton robo-suits. According to the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (SSC), development plans are on track to deploy the suits in a few years. Which soldiers will get the suits, and what roles will our cyborg supersoldiers play?SSC (also known as Natick,… » 9/08/08 1:00pm 9/08/08 1:00pm