Physics Students Try To Create A "Street Fighter" Hadouken Fireball

Anybody who has played Street Fighter is familiar with the awesome power of the "Surge Fist" attack, otherwise known as the Hadouken Fireball. While some of us might be intimidated by the thought of tapping into this primal energy, a group of students are determined to recreate it—by setting a dodgeball on fire. » 4/22/14 5:30pm Tuesday 5:30pm

A Fantastic Collection of Science Demonstration Videos

In need of a good science demonstration for your classroom, study session or friday night bar-argument? Check out, where you'll find a top notch collection of videos and other resources created by science teachers Alom Shaha and Jonathan Sanderson. » 1/19/14 9:52am 1/19/14 9:52am

2 Pounds Dry Ice + Sink Full of Water = Your Daily Dose of Catharsis

Here for enjoying from the comfort of your chair is a classic science demonstration: CrazyRussianHacker host Taras Kulakov, dipping two pounds of dry ice into a sink full of water to demonstrate the dynamics of warm and cold air. » 1/17/14 1:20pm 1/17/14 1:20pm

Scientific evidence that booth babes don't sell products

There's been a raging debate over "booth babes" in the tech community for years. Should companies hire sexy models to work in their sales booths at events like CES, or is this an outdated, degrading practice? But nobody had ever asked whether booth babes were good for sales. So Frontback head of marketing Spencer Chen… » 1/16/14 10:33am 1/16/14 10:33am