Why Do We Use a Dumbass Unit to Measure Explosions?

There’s been some confusion over the size of today’s explosion in China’s Tianjin province, with some people mistakenly thinking it was the largest non-nuclear explosion of all time. It was not — that honor goes to the Russians — and you can partly blame our stupid system of measurement for the mistake. »8/13/15 3:03am8/13/15 3:03am


Amazon's helpful algorithm reveals that customers like to make explosives

This is definitely the perfect screenshot for today, as Canadians recover from the weekend's fiery festivities and people in the US celebrate Independence Day by going online and ordering the ingredients for explosives. In this screenshot, you can take joy in the friendly way Amazon informs us that people who buy one… »7/04/12 2:53pm7/04/12 2:53pm

New nanomaterial could detect, disarm bombs, save our airport dignity

A newly-discovered nanomaterial could provide a fast and easy way to detect and disarm explosives, and finally get the TSA out of our pants. The material is a compound of molybdenum that reacts with peroxide-based explosives, changing color from a deep blue to a pale yellow. A swatch or sensor of the stuff could be… »4/01/11 5:00pm4/01/11 5:00pm

Scientists are using sheep to decontaminate TNT-tainted land

A team of scientists is feeding TNT to a flock of sheep. A. Morrie Craig, a veterinary scientist at Oregon State University, has found that the cud-chewing mammals can efficiently clean up explosives-contaminated soil, of which there are 1.3 million tons throughout the U.S. TNT and other explosives from military… »2/13/11 10:30am2/13/11 10:30am

Green Explosives Save the World Through Sustainable Warfare

If you're worried about the environment but still need to blow people up, a new class of nitrogen-based bomb materials is for you. Popular explosives like TNT and HMX react to form nitrogen oxides when detonated, the major culprits behind smog and acid rain. This is a big no-no if you're the type of warmonger who… »5/28/08 12:30pm5/28/08 12:30pm