The very best fancy eyeball jewelry for a macabre night out

Nothing says "I'm glamorous and spooky" like a beautiful eyeball pendant worn on a chain around your neck. We've combed through Etsy for some of the most striking (and occasionally goofy) eyeball jewelry for your everyday mystical moments — or for that special Halloween party night. » 10/16/12 10:05am 10/16/12 10:05am

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Air Force Study Shows How to Boil Eyeballs with Lasers

We may not be using lasers on the battlefield yet, but when we do we'll know exactly how to use them to make our enemies' eyeballs explode. And how to create heat-induced bubbles inside "biological substances" (i.e., bodies). A researcher funded by the Air Force to study laser safety has inadvertently also produced a… » 5/02/08 3:02pm 5/02/08 3:02pm