Danny Trejo gets his skull perforated by a rampaging webcam

The 2009 cult movie Eyeborgs has many things to recommend it, including a totally subtle allegory about what happens when the War on Terror goes Too Far and we get mobile surveillance cameras — basically, webcams with legs — running around everywhere. But the main thing the movie has going for it is this great… » 3/27/12 6:18pm 3/27/12 6:18pm

Mobile Spy Cams Frame You for Murders They Commit

Government spy cameras are a common feature in science fiction, suggesting a future where citizens are under near-constant surveillance. But in the upcoming film Eyeborgs, cameras cease to be a mere symbol of government oppression and step into the limelight as full-fledged villains. In a pair of new trailers, the… » 11/29/08 8:00am 11/29/08 8:00am