Archer Gang Gets "Dr. Shrinkered" On What Could Be Their Last Mission

Archer's sixth season is almost over, with the first of a two-part finale seeing the blundering super spies and assorted hangers-on being miniaturized and injected into a comatose scientist. "Drastic Voyage: Part One" (blorp!) mixes high-stakes danger with goofy references ... a classic Archer recipe for success. » 3/27/15 2:35pm Friday 2:35pm

Archer Goes To Wales To Work On Romance, Make No-Vowels Jokes

Kind of an odd episode, no? Lana and Archer take a trip to Wales in "Achub Y Morfilod," which was penned with the input of guest actor Matthew Rhys (who plays a spy on another FX show, The Americans). It's not the romantic getaway Archer envisions ... but thanks to the usual "idiot Archer shit," it's his own damn… » 3/20/15 2:00pm 3/20/15 2:00pm

This Week, The Archer Gang Takes Aim At The Office Smoochie-Poochies

Lana and Archer are back together, and it's grossing everyone out (except Malory, who's best kept in the dark ... the only thing everyone agrees on). In this week's episode, "Reignition Sequence," the gang attempts to drive a wedge between spy-dom's most repulsively happy couple. But will they succeed? » 3/13/15 1:40pm 3/13/15 1:40pm

Archer Hits The West Coast To Meet The In-Laws ... With A Bullitt

This week, Archer meets Lana's parents (well, technically he's met them once before, but ...) on a wild trip to Berkeley that turns into a Bullitt-inspired car chase through San Francisco. And how's this for voice casting: Keith David and CCH Pounder as Dr. and Dr. Kane! Spoilers follow. » 2/27/15 1:30pm 2/27/15 1:30pm

Archer Visits Area 51, Meets Aliens, Has Many, Many Cocktails

On this week's Archer, the gang ends up on a plane to Branson ... that ends up getting shot down over Area 51 ... where there are aliens, no-nonsense mustaches, and a bar stocked with "O'Dublin Tequila." The whole thing is goofy and great. Season six is finally hitting its stride! Spoilers ahead. » 2/20/15 1:50pm 2/20/15 1:50pm

A Busted Elevator Leads To Bonding (Sorta ...) On This Week's Archer

After episodes that've seen Archer visiting Borneo, Argentina, the Alps, and deepest Wisconsin, "Vision Quest" crams all of its action (and nearly every regular character) into the office's busted elevator. It's a brilliant idea that leads to some of the show's funniest exchanges to date. Spoilers ahead! » 2/06/15 12:50pm 2/06/15 12:50pm

How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Tom Scott's back, this time giving us a lesson about the history of green screen, and how you did it when all you had to work with was film or video. » 2/04/15 8:12pm 2/04/15 8:12pm

On This Week's Archer, It's A Bloody Great Sterling And Pam Road Trip

This week's episode, "Edie's Wedding," is all about relationships. It's also the most brutally violent ep yet in season six. Coincidence? NOPE. Some spoilers ahead! » 1/30/15 4:00pm 1/30/15 4:00pm

On Archer, Sterling Drinks, Drinks, And Checks Off His Bucket List

Archer fans got double the fun this week, thanks to a clever crossover with Conan. The latest episode, "The Archer Sanction," nods to the 1975 Clint Eastwood movie The Eiger Sanction with both its title and mountain-climbing assassins plot. Spoilers follow! » 1/23/15 1:46pm 1/23/15 1:46pm

New York Hosts The Vampire Apocalypse In New Trailer For The Strain

FX has debuted the first trailer for the second season of Guillermo del Toro's vampire series The Strain, and it appears the ammonia-laden Strigoi fecal matter has completely hit the fan, as the war between humans and the vampires has escalated from covert to "the city is overrun and also on fire." » 1/19/15 8:20am 1/19/15 8:20am

On This Week's Archer, Sterling Meets An Old Foe, Becomes A Verb

The second Archer episode of its sixth season is even better than the first, and it hints at what's to come in its title: "Three to Tango." A trip to Argentina perhaps? Spoilers ahead! » 1/16/15 2:30pm 1/16/15 2:30pm

Archer Is Back, And We're Cautiously Optimistic About It

Archer is back! And back on track, as FX's animated, irreverent secret-agent saga veers away from the cocaine-cowboys plotline of last season and into more "going on missions and fighting and action and people getting shot and stuff," as executive producer Matt Thompson told us last month. Spoilers ahead. » 1/09/15 2:30pm 1/09/15 2:30pm

FX Is Making a Television Show Out of Alan Moore's From Hell

And the comics-domination of TV keeps on coming: FX is developing a drama series based on Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's graphic novel. Hey, remember when Johnny Depp starred in a film based on the same thing? » 11/17/14 9:00pm 11/17/14 9:00pm

Our Vampire Hunters Reveal Their "Master" Plan On The Strain

It's the antepenultimate episode of The Strain, so it's high time the show finally got down to business. It's Team Vampire Hunter versus The Master in a no-holds-barred match to the death! Only one side will survive! (Please ignore the fact that there are two episodes left and The Strain was renewed for a second… » 9/22/14 10:40am 9/22/14 10:40am

​The Only Thing The Strain Is Straining Is My Patience

All right, I'm through trying to give The Strain the benefit of the doubt. "Loved Ones" isn't the worst episode of The Strain's inaugural season, but I think it's the one that infuriated me the most. » 9/15/14 10:40am 9/15/14 10:40am

​The Strain Gets Back To Vampire-Fightin' Basics

After weeks of dawdling and last week's incredibly bizarre shocker, The Strain decides to return to well-trod territory for "Creatures of the Night." Actually, it told the most straightforward, archetypal monster story there is, but since that means Team Vampire Hunter was more or less fighting vampires, it continues … » 9/01/14 10:30am 9/01/14 10:30am

Good News For Eye Worms! The Strain Renewed For Season 2

Those of us who are patiently waiting for the vampire apocalypse to finally get off its undead ass, good news! FX has confirmed Guillermo del Toro's horror show The Strain for a second season. Meaning the show has 13 additional episodes to finally show humanity getting its ass kicked. Er, drained of blood. » 8/19/14 2:21pm 8/19/14 2:21pm

​Someone Finally Starts Hunting Some Goddamn Vampires On The Strain

Somewhere in the shadows, there lies a dark power. An elusive being of darkness and terror that lays hiding, biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It is, of course, the main plot of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain. And in "It's Not For Everyone," it finally came out to play... a little. » 8/04/14 12:40pm 8/04/14 12:40pm

​Why Is The Strain So Much More Interested In Assholes Than Vampires?

The second episode of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain seems disinterested — almost maliciously — in advancing the plot. I thought this was going to be a show about a vampire plague as seen through science. So why do I have to watch all these terrible characters not getting eaten by vampires? » 7/21/14 2:45pm 7/21/14 2:45pm

Here's The Strain Poster FX Had to Take Down

The full poster is below, but yes: worms coming out of eyes was apparently too much for the stomachs of some people and, after complaints, FX has had to start taking the image down. » 6/30/14 4:00am 6/30/14 4:00am