The story behind this woman's face transplant is simply incredible

The world’s first face transplant took place eight years ago, and while it remains a highly experimental operation, the procedure has been advancing in leaps and bounds ever since. In February of this year, Carmen Tarleton underwent one of the most successful face transplants yet. » 6/04/13 4:24pm 6/04/13 4:24pm

The results of the most comprehensive face transplant in history are…

In 1997, Richard Norris was shot in the face. The accident almost cost him his life, and, even after years of reconstructive surgery, left him without significant portions of his face and jaw. » 3/27/12 3:38pm 3/27/12 3:38pm

Wearing the Face of a Stranger

It's hard to imagine living with a severe facial deformity, but what about living your life with someone else's face? Until recently, victims of severe facial trauma or burns have had little recourse beyond often ineffective skin grafts. But this week, doctors have declared two face transplants long-term successes. … » 8/26/08 8:00am 8/26/08 8:00am