Clever Minimalist Movie Posters Made From Card Stock

Spanish design studio Atipo designed movie posters for 15 classic films using creatively configured sheets of paper, in the series "Papeles de Cine." » 6/29/14 10:00am 6/29/14 10:00am

Limited edition of Fahrenheit 451 was bound in asbestos so it wouldn't…

In 1953, Ballantine released a limited edition run of Ray Bradbury's book-burning novel Fahrenheit 451 that might survive a visit from the firemen. Two hundred numbered and signed copies of the book were bound in Johns-Manville Quinterra, a chrysolite asbestos material. The copies are much sought after by collectors;… » 3/03/13 9:00am 3/03/13 9:00am

100 Wonderful and Terrible Movies That Never Existed

For every movie that makes it to your local cineplex, there are dozens that never come into existence. In another universe, Mel Gibson directed Fahrenheit 451, Terry Gilliam directed Watchmen, and Batman fought Godzilla. The history of movies is crammed full of weird almost-weres and could-have-beens. A lot of people… » 8/10/12 1:48pm 8/10/12 1:48pm

Six-year-old girl tries to guess the plots of classic novels based on…

Just because you can't judge a book by its cover doesn't mean it's not great fun to try. It's even more fun when a six-year-old child tries to guess what's inside the pages of books she's still years away from reading. » 7/21/12 5:00pm 7/21/12 5:00pm

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury — author of The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and many more literary classics — died this morning in Los Angeles, at the age of 91. » 6/06/12 6:57am 6/06/12 6:57am

One-star reviews of Fahrenheit 451 will make you want to burn…

If you want to lose all your faith in the human race and surrender to the fear that we're going to turn into some kind of nightmarish dystopia — then check out the collection of one-star reviews of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 over at Least Helpful. Sample review: » 4/12/12 6:30am 4/12/12 6:30am

Ray Bradbury finally gives in, agrees to release Fahrenheit 451 as an…

Fahrenheit 451 might be the most famous book about book-burning ever written, and its author, Ray Bradbury, has long insisted that it only be available as a print book, on paper. Until today. Bradbury has finally given in, and Fahrenheit 451 is available for the first time as an ebook. It is such a pleasure to Kindle. » 11/30/11 12:02pm 11/30/11 12:02pm

Science fiction and fantasy stories that can help you deal with death

Clint Eastwood's Hereafter and this week's Doctor Who crossover both served up poignant meditations on death. But fantastic stories often explore the darkest frontier of them all: Here are 12 other great stories to help you to cope with mortality. » 10/27/10 10:52am 10/27/10 10:52am

15 classic science fiction and fantasy novels that publishers rejected

Science fiction's greatest authors have brilliant ideas, storytelling mojo... and plenty of stubbornness. Many of the field's greatest writers were buried in rejection slips, before they finally broke in. Here are 15 classic novels that publishers didn't want to touch. » 10/19/10 3:36pm 10/19/10 3:36pm

10 great science fiction novels that have been banned

In honor of Banned Books Week, Geekosystem's Susana Polo looks at 10 great science fiction novels that have been banned, or at least threatened with removal from libraries and schools. Including some major classics of the genre! » 10/01/10 2:34pm 10/01/10 2:34pm

The Best Year in Science Fiction: 1954

We're getting to the end of our survey, but 1954 is a ridiculously robust year, with Ray Bradbury delivering Fahrenheit 451, Richard Matheson offering I Am Legend, and Japan unleashing Godzilla: King of the Monsters. » 6/01/10 2:00pm 6/01/10 2:00pm

12 Movie Adaptations That Did The Books Justice

Whether or not you loved The Road, most people seemed to feel it captured Cormac McCarthy's novel. Sadly, most adaptations do violence to the original books, but not all. Here are 12 SF/fantasy adaptations that did right by the books. » 11/30/09 3:34pm 11/30/09 3:34pm

A History of 16 Science Fiction Classics, Told In Book Covers

A single book can inspire a wide range of covers, and sometimes those covers can be works of art themselves. We look at some classic science fiction novels and the various covers they've worn throughout the years. » 11/17/09 2:30pm 11/17/09 2:30pm

Are the Novel's Days Numbered?

In Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury envisioned a future where society had abandoned literature in favor of watching their screens. According to writer Philip Roth, we're getting closer to that future, and in 25 years, hardly anyone will be reading novels. » 10/27/09 10:33am 10/27/09 10:33am

Death Before No Farenheit 451 Movie, Says Director

The Mist director Frank Darabont is still trying to get his movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic Fahrenheit 451 made, but its current status depends on one particular person... who shall, apparently, remain nameless for now. » 6/26/09 7:30am 6/26/09 7:30am

Whatever Happened To These 7 Awesome Movie Projects?

Remember when we were promised a remake of Fahrenheit 451, or a new Barbarella starring Rose McGowan? What happened to those movies? I want to see a futuristic Guy Montag (please cast Christian Bale.) The movies we get most excited about often seem to fall into the black hole of "in development." We've collected a… » 6/09/08 1:17pm 6/09/08 1:17pm

Scifi Movie Locations in the Real World

With movies like Speed Racer and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow creating entire scifi landscapes from CGI, it's easy to forget that some of the most futuristic settings for scifi movies are borrowed from the real world. Today Oobject has a terrific collection of photographs of the architectural marvels (and… » 5/13/08 10:58am 5/13/08 10:58am

Shiny, Badass Fire Fighting Machine for the Year 2025

Now this is a fire engine that kids from 5 to 105 would like to see under the Christmas tree next year. How sleek and shiny does this thing look? Instead of the boxy fire fighting vehicles of the past, this baby looks streamlined enough to win a race or two as well as do some good. » 1/04/08 3:45pm 1/04/08 3:45pm