Beyoncé is a fairy queen in the first trailer for Epic

The first trailer for the woodland-warring-nymphs movie Epic is out. It looks like a North American Fern Gully. And the fairies ride hummingbirds, which is pretty adorable. The animated movie stars Peeta, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Johnny Knoxville, Steven Tyler, Beyonce (as a fairy queen), and Aziz Ansari as a… »6/26/12 12:15pm6/26/12 12:15pm

Do you dare to open the secret door in the virtual Fairyland?

Over at, there's a fantastic story by There and Back Again author Pat Murphy, called "About Fairies." A woman is working on developing a virtual fairyland for a toy company that sells fairy dolls, but she and the other members of the team start developing their own secret fairylands. It turns into a beautiful… »5/16/12 1:43pm5/16/12 1:43pm