Fake Surrogates News Reel Explains The Rebirth Of Humanity

There's nothing more wonderful than a movie's fake explanatory news reel. Dark Knight brought us the tabloid Wayne family tell all, and now Surrogates is building the robot backstory with its own news machine. » 9/24/09 10:11am 9/24/09 10:11am

Zombie Strain Of Swine Flu Just A Crazy Hoax

A fake BBC news site reports that swine flu is creating zombies. Still it makes our hearts flutter reading news reports like this: "After passing....he rose from the dead and lunged at his mother." » 5/04/09 4:03pm 5/04/09 4:03pm

Meet The Man From Mars

Is that a little man on Mars in this picture from NASA's Mars Spirit explorer? We didn't even bother to blog this image when we saw it the other day, but tons of British newspapers have seized on it. Sample headline: "Crikey! There's A Little Green Man On Mars!" Actually, my favorite is the one that points out he's… » 1/22/08 10:40am 1/22/08 10:40am

The Only Minute Of Cloverfield Viral Video You Should Watch

The still-mysterious Cloverfield monster destroys a deep-sea oil-drilling station in a new set of promo videos. Here's the best minute, in which you actually see the chaos and the people fleeing the sinking platform. The voice-over comes from a fake newscast in Italian, shown on Italian TV. Other videos aired in… » 1/07/08 6:20am 1/07/08 6:20am