The Best/Worst Moments From Fall Out Boy's B-Horror Music Videos

There are almost no words for just how strange an experience watching the eleven videos Fall Out Boy did for their last album is. They basically took the money for music videos and made a horror film instead. It's a thing of utter weirdness even before Elton John shows up as God. » 6/06/14 12:00am 6/06/14 12:00am

Fall Out Boy released a music video with Tommy Lee as Satan

I don't know if anyone else has been watching Fall Out Boy's recent music videos — but their decision to do a video for every song on their latest album, all linked together as a supernatural horror story, is full on BONKERS. And today's features Tommy Lee as Satan. Merry Christmas? » 12/24/13 1:33pm 12/24/13 1:33pm

Fall Out Boy's New Robot Love Affair

Have you ever thought that Metropolis needed a 21st Century makeover based on the music of emo band Fall Out Boy? If so, then it appears that Image Comics agrees with you. Welcome to Fall Out Toy Works. » 6/05/09 2:30pm 6/05/09 2:30pm

Cloverfield Has Secret Emo Rock Soundtrack

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has been having a Cloverfield fangasm, along with some delusions of grandeur. He somehow became convinced that writer Drew Goddard based the entire movie on the band's Infinity on High album. In fact, his story got so extreme that he started saying the movie would sync up with the album,… » 1/31/08 2:15pm 1/31/08 2:15pm