Leaked Documents Reveal That Fallout 4 Is Real, Set In Boston

Still upset about that massive Fallout 4 hoax? Here's some good news for you: The next entry in Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG series is real, it's in development right now, and, as rumored, it appears to be set in Boston, according to casting documents obtained by Kotaku. » 12/11/13 10:56pm 12/11/13 10:56pm

Fallout Meters Sniff Radiation "Better Than a Hound Scents Quail"

From the Cold War vantage point of the early 1960s, the immediate future appeared to be one of impending nuclear annihilation. The savvy homeowner built a bomb shelter for family safety, but how to know when to come out after the big one fell? You couldn't see, feel, hear, taste or smell radiation. That's where a home… » 3/10/08 12:40pm 3/10/08 12:40pm

Aircraft Carrier Condominiums In A Post-Nuclear Junkyard

Fallout 3 comes out later this year. Like the first two games, it's all about surviving in a post-nuclear world full of mutants, radiation, and other bad stuff that wants to kill you. In the concept artwork above, you can see how mankind has adapted to what's left of the world by building a makeshift bridge to a… » 2/15/08 2:30pm 2/15/08 2:30pm