The 10 Greatest Personality Tests in Science Fiction and Fantasy

By Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders. When you explore the darkest reaches of the space, you find out just who you really are. But why wait? Most science fiction heroes find out about their own inner psyches long before they ever leave home, thanks to the genre's huge range of personality tests. Why not… » 3/15/13 10:03am 3/15/13 10:03am

Post-Apocalyptic Videogames that Real-Life Terrorists Play

Here you can see some gorgeous concept art of a post-apocalyptic Washington, DC, recently released by the company making much-anticipated videogame Fallout 3. The art was so cool that it went viral in a way its creators never intended: It started showing up on Al Qaeda message boards as what you might call… » 6/02/08 10:05am 6/02/08 10:05am

Explore the Vast Capitol Wasteland of 2277 in Fallout 3

This concept art for Fallout 3, which we mentioned once before, shows Washington D.C. reduced to ashen rubble. The highly-anticipated sequel to the classic "wander the wasteland and have sex with mutant hookers" RPG is slated for a Fall 2008 multi-platform release. The story is not directly related to the one from… » 4/07/08 11:40am 4/07/08 11:40am