This Fantastic Fan Short Has Us Longing For an Ultimate Spider-Man Netflix Show

Since Spider-Man is almost certainly going to be featured solely in the Marvel movies, we’re not going to get any live-action entertainment focusing on the wider Spider-verse—stuff such as Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man—any time soon. But watching this short film depicting Miles’ origin makes us want some so bad. »11/11/15 2:00pm11/11/15 2:00pm


Shot-for-shot remake of the Man of Steel trailer is homespun magic

It's always fun to see what fans come up with when they Swede trailers for big special effects movies, but there's something especially delightful about this homemade remake of the Man of Steel trailer by DustFilmsOriginals. When it begins, it seems like a particularly earnest Sweding, but by the time we hit the bus… »12/23/12 3:00pm12/23/12 3:00pm

A stylish film about what happens when Superman's dog goes to the bathroom

Well, I didn't anticipate writing that headline this morning, but Brett Underhill's sleek (albeit scatological) short about the bodily functions of Superman's dog Krypto forced my hand. Explains Underhill of Superman's Best Friend, "After a long day working two jobs, Superman's duties never seem to end when Krypto… »8/03/12 2:25pm8/03/12 2:25pm

Watch a visually impressive 23-minute Y: The Last Man fan film

The film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's chromosomal apocalypse comic book Y: The Last Man has lingered in development hell for years, but that didn't dissuade filmmaker Christian Cardona from adapting the series out of a labor of love. He's condensed the story of the weeniest (cue cymbal crash) last… »7/11/12 5:10pm7/11/12 5:10pm

This Star Wars student film could pass for a lost episode of Clone Wars

For a graduation project for Florida's Digital Animation and Visual Effects School, a group of students assembled this unofficial tribute to the 1980s Droids cartoon show. Watch as Artoo and Threepio go haplessly joyriding with some Jawas. Spoiler alert — the ending is reminiscent of that one incredibly ill-fated… »6/30/12 9:45am6/30/12 9:45am