Fan Service Leads to Bondage In "Empowered"

A superheroine who keeps finding herself in bondage or with her magical costume torn apart, dealing with self-confidence and body issues with the help of her supervillain henchman boyfriend? That would be Adam Warren's Empowered, a cult-favorite "sexy superhero" comic that parodies and embodies the whole "damsel in… » 3/14/08 1:00pm 3/14/08 1:00pm

Heroes Needs To Cater To Fans, Resurrect Me, Says Actor

In what may be a classic case of sour grapes, former Heroes star Leonard Roberts — the formerly intangible DL — feels that the creators of the show have forgotten where it started from, and need to get back to fundamentals. Entirely coincidentally, Roberts also has some ideas about how his character could return from… » 3/11/08 8:00am 3/11/08 8:00am