On The Fetishisation Of Gay Men By Women In The Slash Community


The following was originally posted on The Mary Sue (Abrams Media Network) and has been republished here with permission.About a year ago, I went with friends to see a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale and was shocked by the amount of screaming coming from women in the audience. » 1/18/15 2:13pm 1/18/15 2:13pm

Vintage Zine Art Is Like Staring Into The Dreams Of A Lost Subculture

Lenny Kaye, the long-time guitarist for the Patti Smith Group, amassed a collection of 1500 mimeographed science fiction zines from the 1940s to the 1970s, and they're on display this weekend at the New York Art Book Fair. These zine covers are wild and in some cases kind of alarming. » 9/25/14 12:20pm 9/25/14 12:20pm

Star Wars Paintbrush is a lo-fi re-imagining of a Galaxy far, far away

Star Wars art is always cool, especially when talented artists are using its imagery to make awesome things. But what happens when you take Star Wars and render it through 20 year old hardware? » 9/07/14 10:38am 9/07/14 10:38am

Back In 1937, People Worried That Science Fiction Was Going Downhill

Most of us have been seeing convention panels about the "Death of Science Fiction" for years now — it's become sort of a jolly cliche. Everybody laments the loss of some earlier, greater age for the genre. But back in 1937, British fans were pretty worried that SF was in permanent decline. » 7/31/14 8:00pm 7/31/14 8:00pm

When Fandom Falls Apart: DashCon Edition

DashCon, which is a convention in Schaumburg, Illinois that "aims to be the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date" is taking place this weekend. It is a first year convention, so people expected things to be a bit rough. It is also, however, apparently turning into a "complete disaster". » 7/13/14 6:11pm 7/13/14 6:11pm

Fandom Academia: Gender Influences Filk Far Less Than You'd Think

I love the highly-specific title of this academic paper by Melissa Tatum, Robert Spoo, and Banjamin Pope: "Does Gender Influence Attitudes Toward Copyright in the Filk Community?" It combines three hot-button issues: copyright, gender, and fandom. It's a like a powder keg of things people have very strong opinions on. » 6/21/14 12:30am 6/21/14 12:30am

Fantasy Writer N.K. Jemisin Explains the Rise of Racism in Fandom

N.K. Jemisin was a guest of honor last week at the feminist science fiction convention Wiscon, and delivered a stirring speech about dealing with racism in genre fandom and publishing. She also told a very disturbing story about her own experiences of racism over the past year. » 6/04/14 2:30pm 6/04/14 2:30pm

Fandom Trends That Chap Your Ass

I just...I gotta vent. John Fucking Winchester. My fandom hates him, at least the ones that write Dean/Castiel. I doubt the Wincest writers love him much more, since he's inexplicably often opposed to his sons fucking like gay related rabbits (they need to go to Bobby for acceptance of their awesome love). Does your… » 5/10/14 7:59pm 5/10/14 7:59pm

Why Does Supernatural Have So Many Female Fans?

When Eric Kripke pitched Supernatural, it was aimed like a laser beam at a young male demographic. So, how come, when I attended the Supernatural Convention in Washington, DC this past weekend, the ratio of women to men was, by my guesstimate, 80-20? » 5/05/14 2:08pm 5/05/14 2:08pm

Do Genre Fans Fight Because of Naive Realism?

When we argue a point, we often say things like, "I could be wrong." We say that, but do we really mean it? Many people experience something called "naive realism," and anyone who argues about genre shows experiences it often. » 5/04/14 10:00am 5/04/14 10:00am

Was Star Trek Ever Really Intelligent, Grown-Up Science Fiction?

Star Trek fans proclaim their favorite series to have been sophisticated and mature — and, above all, brimming with huge philosophical questions. But was Star Trek ever really that smart? A Trek fan asked over at TrekBBS, and the responses are illuminating. » 4/15/14 6:00pm 4/15/14 6:00pm

If you've got fandom feels, this tumbr has a gif for it

The tagline for the tumblr Fandom: Like Fine Wine is "Best left alone in the dark for a few years," which seems very apt. If you've ever tried in vain to explain something to your non-fannish friend/co-worker/parent/significant other and wished you had a visual aid, this is for you! » 1/05/14 8:43am 1/05/14 8:43am

What fanfic is and isn't

So, I started this post a few months ago when Amazon announced their Kindle Worlds experiment and never finished it. But I was reading yesterday's crowdfund post and people were disparaging fanfic writers in the comments and that just ticks me off to no end (for most of the same reasons FF Friday did). All of it is… » 12/02/13 12:18pm 12/02/13 12:18pm

What happened when a fictional character penned an autobiography

When Yankee Lawyer: The Autobiography of Ephraim Tutt came out in 1943, a lot of readers were confused. After all, Tutt was a fictional person, the hero of a series of legal novels. Or was he? Many fans became convinced that Tutt was a flesh-and-blood human being. » 8/25/13 7:00am 8/25/13 7:00am

Read the zine that young Ray Bradbury started in 1939

In 1939, shortly after Ray Bradbury graduated from high school, he started a zine called Futuria Fantasia. It featured a lot of his early fiction and some essays, and you can read all first four issues online at Project Gutenberg. » 8/19/13 4:30pm 8/19/13 4:30pm

Check out the Doctor Who Fan Art Created by Teenage Peter Capaldi!

Peter Capaldi just got cast as the new star of Doctor Who, and described it as a lifelong dream — but you may not have realized quite how much Capaldi dreamed about Doctor Who when he was younger. Here's some fan art of Tom Baker in the TARDIS, created by a teenage Capaldi. Update: The art is way more recent. » 8/06/13 5:00pm 8/06/13 5:00pm

The Audience Effect explains how fans can screw up a franchise

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a bunch of people staring at you while you try to do your job? Scientists have, and they've come to some interesting conclusions. Fans usually catch all the screw ups of any given show. But perhaps the screw ups are there because of the fans. » 10/28/12 9:00am 10/28/12 9:00am

Harry Potter, Sherlock, and The Greatest Scandals in Fandom

This week on We Come From the Future, we talk about what happens when scandal rips through the heart of fandom. Along with our special guests, Daily Dot fandom reporter Aja Romano, and Circlet Press publisher Cecilia Tan, we delve into all the wank that makes fans on the internet lose their shit. From Sherlock… » 10/26/12 10:43am 10/26/12 10:43am

Teen Wolf's "bromance triangle" will heat up in season three

Teen Wolf came to New York Comic Con, and we were there! Star Tyler Posey and showrunner Jeff Davis let slip tons of new season three info, and answered your burning questions. Spoilers ahead... » 10/15/12 4:20pm 10/15/12 4:20pm

What's the science fiction universe where you prefer the fanfic to the…

Fandom can be miraculous. Fans bring so much creativity and love to science fiction and fantasy universes, and along the way they work an amazing transformation. And sometimes it feels like the stories the fans create are actually cooler than the works they're based on. » 4/06/12 9:40am 4/06/12 9:40am