Holy wow, this movie concept art is cosmically dazzling

Check out a blazingly awesome piece of newly revealed concept art from Star Trek Into Darkness, created by artist Victor Martinez. He recently created a website to showcase his work for Trek 2, Oz the Great and Powerful, and the never-made Fantastic Voyage and Captain Nemo films. » 2/10/14 10:00pm 2/10/14 10:00pm

Wireless devices swim through your bloodstream and fix you up,

Implantable medical devices will eventually dispense drugs, get rid of blood clots and perform micro-surgeries inside our bodies, but powering them could be problematic. If the point is to have minimally invasive gadgets keeping tabs on our health, cutting patients open to swap out their batteries is not an ideal… » 2/24/12 7:10am 2/24/12 7:10am

Expect carnage in the True Blood Finale! Plus Scads of Set Pics from

Don't expect every beloved character to survive True Blood's season finale! And don't hold your breath for the Ouija and Fantastic Voyage movies. Check out some photos of Brad Pitt shooting World War Z! Plus, what makes Loki tick in The Avengers, and a possible new Star Trek TV show. » 8/25/11 6:00am 8/25/11 6:00am

Tons of New Green Lantern trailers and action-packed Spider-Man Pics.…

Four new Green Lantern promos remind us that there are some actual humans in the movie. Plus casting updates for the Fantastic Voyage remake, the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's non-Twilight book The Host, and Oz the Great and Powerful! » 5/04/11 6:00am 5/04/11 6:00am

Jon Favreau talks Cowboys & Aliens, more awesome Captain America…

Jon Favreau checks in with some context and commentary on the Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot. Jodie Foster is far from a done deal for District 9 director Neil Blomkamp's next film. Liam Neeson confirms that he's done with Batman...for now. Nathan Fillion and Henry Rollins are teaming up for an animated Green Lantern… » 2/08/11 6:00am 2/08/11 6:00am

Earth-Shattering News For Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man 2,…

Is Black Widow getting a spin-off movie? Is Vanessa Hudgens joining Spider-Man? Discover Captain America's supporting characters! There's a The Host casting call and an Inception pic, plus Cameron talks Battle Angel. Plus Fanastic Voyage, Transformers, Ghost Rider and Lost. » 4/26/10 6:00am 4/26/10 6:00am

Cameron's Next Project May Not Be Avatar 2 Or Battle Angel

James Cameron's keeping his options open, according to his longtime producer Jon Landau: He may not direct an Avatar sequel or Battle Angel next. Landau also explained to us how Cameron might do underwater motion-capture for Avatar 2's ocean scenes. » 4/22/10 11:09am 4/22/10 11:09am

Don't Remake These 21 Movies, Film These Books Instead!

There's only one thing Hollywood loves than a movie based on a toy: remakes. Dozens of science-fiction classics are slated for do-overs. But instead of remaking films that were fine the first time, here are 20 books Hollywood should film. » 3/05/10 1:17pm 3/05/10 1:17pm

What Movie Remake Are You Dreading Most?

The fact that another science fiction remake is announced every week doesn't mean Hollywood has run out of ideas. It just means nostalgia is the mind-killer. And it's only going to get worse, now that the Omega Man remake I Am Legend was such a huge success. So which planned remake makes you want to firebomb your local … » 2/18/08 11:20am 2/18/08 11:20am