Which Fantasy Was Too Heavily Sanitized For Mainstream Audiences?

Mention "Disneyfication" and everybody knows what you're talking about. But the phenomenon of sanding all the rough edges off fantasy stories goes way further than cartoons, into every area of pop culture. What's the most horrible case where a fantasy lost all its darkness or complexity, to make it more popular? » 4/08/14 2:17pm 4/08/14 2:17pm

Isaac Hempstead-Wright's Hope For Bran Stark: "I Hope He Goes Evil"

We're all hoping that Bran Stark makes it through Game of Thrones season four in one piece, given that he's heading into some pretty nasty territory that everybody else is running away from. But actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright has a much loftier ambition for his character, and it's a twist you never saw coming. » 3/30/14 2:00pm 3/30/14 2:00pm

Now You Can Experience The Original ElfQuest In All Its Shiny Wonder

Wendy and Richard Pini's Elfquest is one of the most influential fantasy comics of all time, and Wendy Pini was so committed to her creation that she actually cosplayed as one of her characters. But now at last, you can read the whole early Elfquest saga in one great volume. » 3/30/14 12:30pm 3/30/14 12:30pm

Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy Round Two: Space Opera and Epic Fantasy!

We've reached the Second Round in our quest to find the ultimate work of science fiction and fantasy, and we've got some brutal match-ups for you to decide. Blade Runner vs. Back to the Future! Star Trek vs. Firefly! Game of Thrones vs. A Wrinkle in Time! Sandman vs. Buffy! Dune vs. Ender's Game! » 3/19/14 12:25pm 3/19/14 12:25pm

What happens when fantasy novels get scientific?

Marie Brennan is the author of The Tropic of Serpents, the second novel in her incredible Memoirs of Lady Trent series about the life of a 19th century naturalist who studies dragons. In this essay, Brennan talks about what it means to bring science into her fantasy writing. » 3/13/14 10:30am 3/13/14 10:30am

io9's March Madness: Science Fiction vs. Fantasy!

Are you ready for another edition of io9's March Madness? In previous years, we've crowned the best movie, the worst movie, and the best TV show. But this year, we're going bigger. The most famous series in science fiction and fantasy will battle it out, to see which genre reigns supreme! Check out our full bracket,… » 3/12/14 11:43am 3/12/14 11:43am

The Game of Thrones cast on who they think deserves the Iron Throne

As part of their big-ass feature on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, Vanity Fair interviewed the show's stars and asked them who they believe would be the best ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Some of their answers will surprise you. Some won't. As expected, Samwell Tarly has the wisest answer: "Anybody but Joffrey." » 3/12/14 9:40am 3/12/14 9:40am