New Star Wars Fan Videos: 2 of the Cutest Lightsaber Duels You've Ever Seen!

We've seen hundreds of lightsaber duels at this point, but two new fan videos are probably among the quirkiest — and cutest — we've ever seen. (No, there aren't any dueling Jedi squirrels here.) First up, there's a lightsaber cello duel/duet that has to be seen to be believed, by The Piano Guys. »12/05/11 3:02pm12/05/11 3:02pm

Choose The Next Doctor Who Star (In America, Anyway)

Fans show off some pretty nifty costumes in this Doctor Who fan vid, one of six that are vying to be the top contender in San Jose, CA PBS Station KTEH's fanvid contest. The creator of the best Doctor Who fan video gets to host six evenings of Who episodes, on a specially built set. Voting ends tonight at midnight,… »6/15/09 11:30am6/15/09 11:30am