Could your airplane be shot out of the air by lightning strikes?

This picture is undeniably cool, but not what most people want to see from their window as they fly during the holiday season. Lightning is scary for the passengers, but it's no big deal for the plane. There hasn't been a plane downed by lightning for forty years. Here's why. » 12/24/12 2:30pm 12/24/12 2:30pm

Watch two warriors battle it out with massive bolts of electricity

Holy crap this is excellent. Many of you are probably familiar with the intimidating crackle and flash of electricity-generating Tesla coils — but watch what happens when you combine them with wearable suits that behave like Faraday cages. It's like watching a shootout between Raiden and Emperor Palpatine. » 11/05/12 6:40am 11/05/12 6:40am