Transforming Dresses are the most scifi thing we've ever seen on the…

Get ready to watch science fashion catwalk right into your face. Hussein Chalayan debuted his line of transforming dresses at this year's Paris Fashion Week, and these crazy chameleon frocks are blowing our minds. We don't even remember what normal dresses look like. Amazing. Here they are in gif form courtesy of … » 3/02/13 3:00pm 3/02/13 3:00pm

Toxic Fashion Show Celebrates Pollution

Nothing like holding a fashion show in a toxic industrial park at the edge of the Tietê, one of the most polluted rivers in Brazil. Last week was fashion week in São Paulo, Brazil, and designer Cavalera decided to show off his retro-grunge peasant looks in a place that looks like an industrial dystopia. We've got a… » 1/29/08 11:40am 1/29/08 11:40am