UPDATED: Holy Shit, This Weight Loss Supplement Has Prozac In It

The FDA just issued a warning not to use the weight-loss supplement Oxy ELITE Pro Super Thermogenic — because it contains fluoxetine, also known as Prozac. Not a drug humans should be taking unaware, and one that can cause serious side effects, including suicidal thoughts and seizures. » 2/28/15 5:53pm 2/28/15 5:53pm

The FDA Is Hiding Scientific Fraud, And You Should Be Pissed

When the FDA encounters instances of scientific misconduct, it buries the evidence. A recent investigation sheds light on the extent of the problem. » 2/13/15 1:30pm 2/13/15 1:30pm

The Congressional Debate Over What Makes Food "Natural"

A controversial bill that seeks to block mandatory GMO food labeling by individual U.S. states was the subject of a hearing held yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. Amid the testimonies, one key question emerged time and again: Are genetically modified foods "natural"? » 12/11/14 9:00am 12/11/14 9:00am

This Hair Growing Laser Helmet Was Just Approved By The FDA [UPDATED]

Apira Science's iGrow Hair Growth system is now available over-the-counter. The funky looking device uses lasers and LEDs to illuminate the scalp with red light, which according to the manufacturer is supposed to work. » 9/24/14 9:30am 9/24/14 9:30am

There's no evidence antibacterial soap is more effective

And that, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is a problem. Antibacterial soap products contain potentially harmful ingredients you won't find in regular soaps – and the risks of those ingredients could outweigh antibacterial products' unproven benefits. » 12/17/13 7:10am 12/17/13 7:10am

University of Michigan's Risk Science Center offers a quick and handy explanation of the FDA's recent crackdown on personal genomics company 23andme. Some clean, even-keeled perspective to be had here. For more, see these musings from genomics expert (and member of 23andme's Scientific Advisory Board) Mike Eisen. » 11/27/13 4:27pm 11/27/13 4:27pm

The FDA wants to ban trans fats from food, save us from ourselves

The FDA today took steps to dramatically reduce the use of trans fat in processed foods. Which, sure, partially hydrogenated carbon chains are are kind of evil, but they're also kind of super delicious. Then again, they're probably why the average American male looks a little doughy compared to his international peers. » 11/07/13 8:30am 11/07/13 8:30am

Oh good, there's a Salmonella outbreak while the government's shut down

With many of America's federally employed food-safety personnel on furlough (thanks, government shutdown), it's a good thing there isn't a major foodborne-illness outbreak unfolding across the country! Oh, wait. » 10/08/13 9:20am 10/08/13 9:20am

Why hippies thought smoking banana peels could get you high

Every hear of (or see) someone smoking a banana peel to get high? Neither have I. However, the smoking of banana peels has a history dating to the late 1960s in the United States and Canada, with smokers allegedly receiving a hallucinogenic trip. » 9/29/12 2:00pm 9/29/12 2:00pm

The FDA has approved the first drug to prevent HIV Infection

For the first time ever, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug proven to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Called Truvada, the drug's approval marks a watershed in the fight to stem the continued spread of AIDS. » 7/16/12 3:07pm 7/16/12 3:07pm

Levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on meat are on the rise

Are you in the mood for a hair-raising read? Try sitting down with a copy of "The 2010 Retail Meat Report." Issued a few days ago as part of FDA's National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring system, the status update is packed with information on antibiotic-resistant foodborne organisms and where (i.e. what kinds of… » 3/06/12 1:48pm 3/06/12 1:48pm

Was the FDA Right to Declare Avastin Ineffective for Breast Cancer?

The Food and Drug Administration declared this morning that the blockbuster pharmaceutical Avastin — one of the world's best-selling cancer drugs — should no longer be prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer, claiming that the drug has proven to be neither safe nor effective in treating the disease. But is it… » 11/18/11 10:23am 11/18/11 10:23am

The US government skirted over the radiation safety concerns of airport…

One of the most important principles of radiation safety is that X-ray machines should only be used when there's a clear medical benefit. But now backscatter X-ray machines are found throughout America's airports. How did we get here? » 11/02/11 9:20am 11/02/11 9:20am

1950s PSA helps demolish the myth of "Z-Rays"

Snake oil salesmen are as old as time itself — but so too are their detractors. Check out this 1950's public service announcement from the US Food and Drug Administration; Raymond Massey's message is as relevant today as it was over half a century ago. » 9/02/11 1:57pm 9/02/11 1:57pm

FDA Scientist Loses His Job For Saying Cancer Screenings Might Give You…

There's been a lot of concern lately about the routine use of radiation-heavy scans to identify early signs of cancer. Could cancer detection actually give you cancer? One Food and Drug Administration researcher said yes... so the FDA fired him. » 4/05/10 2:19pm 4/05/10 2:19pm

By Next Week, You Could Be Eating Clonesteak

The FDA is on the verge of approving cloned cows as safe for eating. That means you could be eating cloned cow's milk and thick beef clonesteaks by next Friday. Yum! According to a rather sober assessment in the Wall Street Journal, however, it's not likely that Black Angus will start having clone cuts on their… » 1/04/08 3:30pm 1/04/08 3:30pm