Feast 2 Trailer Is A Pretty Little Massacre

The blood and guts of beasties, ripping apart their next human meals, are on the menu in the lovely new trailer for Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds. » 9/12/08 10:46am 9/12/08 10:46am Honestly, I really like the look of it. Unfortunately, I'm almost 100% sure this is just more proof of John Gulager's ability to edit together an interesting trailer with great…

More Beasts For Your Buck In Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds

Didn't get enough monster in the original Feast » 8/04/08 2:31pm 8/04/08 2:31pm? Well, hang on to your campy fan-kid hat — is stuffed to the fangs with more men in monster suits. With their bellies full of human remains from the local bar, the monster baddies from the original attack the nearby town, looking for dessert. In , it's up to the…

Project Greenlight's Feast Takes Two More Bites Out Of Your Head

Feast, the movie that won the televised Project Greenlight competition, is getting two more chances for its blood-thirsty, flesh-eating monster to hit the big time — with Feast 2 and 3. But this time, there's none of that dirty Good Will Hunting money to muck up the artistic flow. Strangely enough, director John… » 6/26/08 8:40am 6/26/08 8:40am