Fossil With Preserved Tail Feathers and Skin Reveals Dinosaur Plumage Patterns

An undergraduate student from the University of Alberta has uncovered the fossilized remains of an Ornithomimus dinosaur with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue. The remarkable specimen is offering important insights into the plumage patterns of these ancient creatures, while tightening the linkages between… »11/02/15 3:34pm11/02/15 3:34pm


Why Jurassic World Should Just Give Us The Feathered Dinosaurs We Want

Jurassic Park and its sequels have never been what you'd call scientifically accurate. (Sorry, Dr. Malcolm, standing still isn't camouflage.) And, yet, somehow, the lack of feathers is the inaccuracy that most rankles. Does it really matter that the new dinos will be scaly instead of soft? You bet it does. Here's why. »2/13/15 7:20pm2/13/15 7:20pm

Paleontologists now say all dinosaurs probably had feathers

A beautifully preserved fossil of a 150-million-year-old megalosaurus called Sciurumimus albersdoerferi has once again transformed our notions of what dinosaurs must have looked like. This newly discovered species shows that the early ancestors of all dinosaurs were feathered — and that's a strong indication that… »7/03/12 6:36pm7/03/12 6:36pm