Why are severed human feet washing up on the beaches of the Pacific northwest?

The Salish Sea has been depositing some gruesome things on the shores of Washington and British Columbia. Single feet (and a few pairs) keep washing up on these cold, rainy beaches. Find out how many incidents there have been over the past five years, why it's always feet, and why they wash up on this particular… »10/05/11 11:27am10/05/11 11:27am

Everything you wanted to know about the physics of ducks' feet

What is the optimum stroke angle for a duck's foot when paddling? Although a duck may already intuitively know the answer, the question has now been clarified for us humans as part of a recent research project undertaken at the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in the US. »9/24/11 2:40pm9/24/11 2:40pm